Saturday, July 31, 2010

Postal revolution..

As an unavoidable part of the process of grad school applications, I have been spending a lot of time (and money) at the post office lately. Most universities insist on having hard copies of transcripts and recommendation letters sent in by the applicants. Hence, the trips to the post office. During these trips, I have noticed that the Indian Postal System (IPS) is still stuck in some century when people had plenty of time to devote to the 'important' task of postal communication. Don't get me wrong.. The Indian Postal System is a vast, well connected and extremely efficient network. The employees do their job extremely well and the mail is always on time i.e the process that happens once the mail is dropped into the box runs quite smoothly but in the process that occurs before that lie the problems..

Firstly, the stamps have to be glued on.. And the glue provided by the post office is generally stinky, gooey and not very sticky. So, I take my own but the process of gluing stamps on is messy nevertheless. So, my first suggestion to the postal department and a step towards the modernization of the Indian Postal System-

  1. Please introduce sticker stamps.
They will be more fun, less messy and no more worries about too little glue or too much of it. Philately will become more popular among youngsters and who knows, they may even begin to prefer snail mail to e- mail!!

Secondly, they never have envelopes. At least the post office I went to didn't. And the problem with glue applies to envelopes too. So, my second suggestion-

    2.  Please stock plenty of envelopes of various sizes and with sticker flaps.

Think of all the revenue this will generate, IPS.. Imagine.. A monopoly over envelopes.. and no more icky, stinky glue around.. Sounds good, eh?

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