Friday, July 2, 2010

I don't buy pretty shoes.. anymore

I used to have this huge obsession with shoes, not surprising, considering the fact that I am a normal girl who likes to look her best at every occasion. But sadly, I haven't been indulging my obsession for quite a few years now. Before I give you the reasons why, let me show you the shoes I own right now.

Beige flats

White, traditional Indian flats

Gold, open- toe ballet flats

Brown wedges

Black kitten heels

Suede sole, black, lace- up heels

Black wedges- my current favorites

Hmm.. 7 pairs of shoes and another pair of street shoes for someone who professes to be not obsessed with shoes :D But surely you must've observed that these shoes of mine are in pretty bad condition.. dusty, dirty and ragged :( INDIAN ROADS DID THAT TO THEM.. Those uneven, potholed roads and unpaved footpaths have committed heinous crimes against my darlings, the evidence of which you see before you.. 

And this is not all.. There have been many, many more that have gone before these shoes.. prettier, flashier, more colorful ones.. every one of which sacrificed its life on Indian roads so that I may look good. I have cringed with every tear, every break and every scratch in every one of them and mourned the loss of each pretty little shoe until.. I could finally take it no more.. I stopped buying pretty shoes so that I wouldn't have to witness their torturous death.. I began to buy the most ugliest and sturdiest of street shoes so that I wouldn't have to mourn their deaths.. And that, is why I don't buy pretty shoes anymore..

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