Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

I've been SUCH a lazy bum today.. I'm supposed to be studying for my finals, for heaven's sake.. Buck up Ash..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Can you tell me, Dr.Know-it-all,"
Asked the ignorant Dr.Love-candidate
"Is there something like too much Love, at all?
Any signs or symptoms to it diagnosticate?"

Weary Dr.Know-it-all, sighed and said,
"Oh! Why, but yes, my dear,
To me once a visit was paid
By just such a patient, I fear.."

Though Handsome came in complaining of Pnuemonia
He looked the very part
Of a person suffering from 'Hypo-Love-emia'
So pale he looked about the heart

"Handsome," I said, all tender and sweet,
"I know just what you need..
Some Vitamin Cuddles as a treat
Then to Love Therapy, we proceed."

"Long telephone calls, Day and Night
Romantic cards and flowers to buy
Dinner at my place tonight
Don't be shy no more, be a Guy"

Handsome was, to Love all hooked
So powerful was the 'Tender Kisses' balm
The world so shiny and rosy looked
Love Therapy had worked like a charm

Until one fine morning, Handsome complained
Of Emotional Overload and Lack of Space
Though at first, ignorance I feigned
Of 'Amor-toxicosis', I knew was the case

What went so wrong? I wondered,
Did the 'Warm Hugs' have to be powdered?
But in my heart I knew what had occured
Not in the medicine, but in the dosage had I blundered

"So you see, my dear," said Dr.Know-it-all
"Too much medicine can be a poison
Love Therapy did once take a fall
Mind now! Remember this lesson."

Monday, June 8, 2009

Who can quiet the the storm of thoughts within me?
Neither man nor God can help
Stronger forts have been razed by the storm
I am but, a stalk of wheat

I guess I'm too emotional a person, even for an Arien.. But how do I decide? Who do I ask? I feel that the people around me are better at keeping their feelings in check.. But how can I know what 'storms' rage within them? Maybe they are just better at hiding them..
I truly must learn to keep my emotions at bay.. Or else its going to cost me.. And the price might just be too heavy for me to afford to pay..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Did I arrive to leave or am I leaving to arrive?
Is it only change that I can find in my archive?
What lies ahead remains a deep, dark secret
But with you by my side, beloved, I know I shall survive. . .

Our juniors bid farewell to us by throwing a party yesterday. It wasn't an emotional affair for me.. In fact, I'm glad to be coming to the close of this chapter in my life. The only good thing that happend to me while I was doing my M. Sc. was meeting my beloved. Excepting that, when I look back all I can see is myself just going with the flow.. Letting the current take me along.. when I could have done so much more, been someone else.. I let two years of my life slip through my fingers, without ever noticing it.. I shall never forgive myself for that..
But the advantage of being an Arien? I'm still able to say, 'Tommorow is another day'.. I have a lot planned for 'tommorow'.. I hope I shall be able to make all of it happen..