Friday, October 29, 2010

Bata finally catches up..

Bata India has always been slow to catch up on the trends. For years, Bata had offered us only sensible (read ugly) shoes that were durable (the ugly things would last forever). So, it was a pleasant surprise to wander over to the Bata website and find that they were finally beginning to get the idea.. They are beginning to know what it is that the modern Indian woman wants.. The result? A few beauties among the beasts in Marie Claire. Here are some of my favorites..

These shoes will lighten your pocket considerably but then, beauty always comes with a price, doesn't it? :) 

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Konkani poem..

.. that sadly did not win a prize in the contest I had composed it for but since this is the first ever Konkani poem composed by me, I will always cherish it..

चंदायी (Beauty)
मोगारे प्हुल्ला पोर्म्बोलू, किंकिणी गेज्जे
(The fragrance of Jasmines, the tinkling of anklets)
बाग्ला ले आय्कता कोणाले हेज्जे ?
(Whose steps do I hear at the door?)
पलाय्लेरी कसकी तेजु तिगेले तोंडारी
(There is a glow on her face)
सानू एकु हासु खेलता तिगेले वोंटारी
(A tiny smile plays on her lips)

दिगी प्हान्ती प्हाटीरी कृष्णवेणी
(A long, dark plait down her back)
गलेन्तु तिगेले हारू कंठीमणी
(Necklace of golden beads round her neck)
कान्नारी झाग्झाग्ता वज्रा कुटिका जोडु
(Diamond earrings glitter at her ears)
निड्लारी कुंकुमा तीलो होडु
(A large kumkum bindi adorns her forehead)

कासु मार्नु  न्हेस्ले पाट्टे काप्पड चंद
(A beautiful brocade sari draped in the Konkani style)
रटटेरी  तिगेले नवरत्ना बाजूबंद
(A gem studded armlet garces her arm)
रुन्दू पाटटो भान्ग्राचो कुर्टाक
(A broad golden belt clasps her waist)
सुत्तुन्गुल सिर्काय्ला पाय्या बोटटाक
(She wears toe rings on her toes)

मोगा धुव्व ती सरस्वतीली
(The favorite daughter of Goddess Saraswathi)
अम्गेले घरा कड़े आय्यिली
(Has come to our doorstep)
चंदी भाइलमनीषी ती कोण कोणी ?
(Who is this beautiful lady?)
तीची आम्गेल भास कोंकणी 
(She is none other than our mother tongue, Konkani)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Song I'm feeling.. zwölf

- Decode


Reading this article about a survey conducted by got me thinking about how the numbers would have varied if the same survey had been conducted in India. According to the survey, almost an equal percentage of Biology and Engineering majors were 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied' with their current career paths (48 and 47% respectively) in the US. In India, the Engineering majors are the ones with bigger salaries and guaranteed job opportunities. Biology majors, if they join the workforce soon after graduation, are neither able to find jobs as easily nor earn as much. Therefore, most Biology majors opt for extra years of schooling and join the workforce later. The extra years, however do not guarantee them a job in this country where 'influence' is more important than qualifications or capabilities.

If the survey were to be conducted in India, I guess it would've read something like this-
Engineering- 87%
Biology- 32%

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vengeance against hair..

Today, I had an experience that is probably as rare as a white elephant- A painless wax.. In all my seven years (I tried to avoid the torture as long as I could) of going to beauty parlors and getting waxing done, I've never had one of those. Anything and everything that may go wrong during a waxing session has gone wrong during all of mine.. Scalding hot wax, wax that was not melted properly (resulting in scalding gobs of wax being applied to my body), inefficient staff or staff who were in a hurry and so brutally ripped my hair off with absolute disregard for my pain and discomfort.. You name it, I've suffered it..

Waxing however is not the only painful procedure we women undergo in order to get rid of excess hair.. Threading and plucking are painful too. Why do we do it? What drives us to inflict this pain upon ourselves? Is it the quest for approval of the opposite sex? I know that my beloved doesn't mind if I let myself go a little. He does prefer the version of me with well shaped eyebrows, clean underarms, waxed legs etc but doesn't throw a fit when things are less than perfect.. I know there are guys who are absolutely disgusted with even a little excess hair on their girl but since my beloved is not one of them why do I take the pain?

Because it makes me feel good after. With clean legs and underarms, I feel ready to wear any outfit I want and having unshaped eyebrows when I put on makeup for formal events.. Just makes me look like a sundae with no cherry on top.. Unfinished..

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