Tuesday, December 29, 2009


My TOEFL scores were finally available online today and I scored 118/120!!! I just couldn't believe my eyes.. In fact, I logged out of my account and logged in a couple of times just to make sure there was no mistake.. I'd lost 2 marks in only one of the four sections i.e full marks on the other three!! It felt so good to have done so well at something after a long time :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Its been kind of hectic lately.. It began with going to Mangalore to get an application to a certificate course in teaching english for my sis.. And two days later, I had to go back to return the filled application.. 1.5 hours each way for two days in a bus, on really bad roads is no joke but I did survive the test of endurance.. What made the second trip bearable, even enjoyable though, was that my beloved accompanied me this time.. We had a fun day in the town with our usual movie and lunch date.. But that simple date is so special and magical, just because I'm with my beloved and we're in Mangalore.. I just love our Mangalore dates.. :)
After that, I had to begin preparing for my TOEFL exam scheduled for the 12th in a big hurry because like always, I'd put off prep until it was almost too late.. I had to go to Bangalore to give the exam.. A 13 hour long journey.. but thankfully, by car and completed over two days.. The exam went well I think, compared to the way I'd prepared.. The results come out in 15 days.. Waiting for exam results is a torture.. I have absolutely ZERO patience with that or anything else.. But wait I have to.. Sigh..
On the second day following my return from B'lore, that's today, I had my interview for the post of a Junior Research Fellow at MLSC.. I feel it went well and am almost certain I'll land the job.. Keeping my fingers crossed..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mission Tiny Blue Clutch

I've wanted a tiny clutch, just big enough to hold my phone and some cash for a long time.. and I decided to make one today.. I used some denim from a pair of jeans I no longer wear and some fabric glitter glue for the embellishment.. This was made in under an hour!!

The strip of denim that transformed into my clutch..

It's ready..

.. and in action.

With the butterfly embellishments..

A close-up of my pretty butterflies :)