Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mission Tiny Blue Clutch

I've wanted a tiny clutch, just big enough to hold my phone and some cash for a long time.. and I decided to make one today.. I used some denim from a pair of jeans I no longer wear and some fabric glitter glue for the embellishment.. This was made in under an hour!!

The strip of denim that transformed into my clutch..

It's ready..

.. and in action.

With the butterfly embellishments..

A close-up of my pretty butterflies :)


  1. those butterflies are really pretty. :)

  2. Thanx Viva.. I liked your blog a lot.. Its very cool :)

  3. hi yo do it that? really good! maybe u don't know it my blog im student of fashion in PARIS! WELCOME!!


  4. Thank you so much petite fille.. I liked your blog.. I couldn't read your previous entries since they were in Spanish but I loved the photos of course.. You are so lucky you stay in Paris.. I want to go there at least once in my lifetime.. with my beloved of course ;) It is such a romantic city :)