Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Purge

I feel that writing dark poems purges suicidal urges.. Hey, that rhymes.. :)

I wish I could slash my wrist
Give the knife a savage twist
Watch it ooze, the crimson gore
Have it flow right on to the floor
Grow more dizzy by the second
Weak and cold, dazed and sickened
Close my eyes, sink into oblivion deep
And wait for that blessed eternal sleep

Monday, October 26, 2009

Loneliness and Teenage Crush!

For some reason, writing about the Convocation reminded me of my school days and the very first poems I remember writing.. way back in high school.. They were my very first contributions to the school magazine too and it was such a proud moment for me when they were published.. :)

Loneliness is a blessing in disguise
For it soothes the troubled and makes one wise
Just like a heady wine, too much is too bad
When the right dosage is taken, it isn't half as bad.


Labelled as 'love' by the experienced
but named 'crush' by the wise,
This infatuation in high schools
is a fairly common sight,
They know not how it happens,
but it ends in despair;
For often it is a one-sided affair.

But the moments when these poems were conceived were dark moments for me then.. I had a crush on this guy- a really bad crush that lasted three years- who never cared for me.. Oh well, I did get over him eventually but now it feels like a waste of three really important years of my life.. But then it's always easier to see sense after the deed is done, right?

Convocation 2009

My convocation is just a week from today and I'm super excited about it.. I hadn't attended the convocation after B.Sc.. So this is the first time I'll be getting my degree in a graduation gown and cap rather than through the mail.. I began my preparations a week ago.. My sari, the accessories, make up, hairstyle.. the works :) If only I manage to find a job by then, my happiness will be complete (fingers crossed).. But I'm not gonna worry about that.. I'm gonna enjoy my special day completely.. :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

He's back.. We spent the most glorious day together.. And talked about those final few steps we need to take that will lead us to a PhD.. Can't wait to get there :)