Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Can you tell me, Dr.Know-it-all,"
Asked the ignorant Dr.Love-candidate
"Is there something like too much Love, at all?
Any signs or symptoms to it diagnosticate?"

Weary Dr.Know-it-all, sighed and said,
"Oh! Why, but yes, my dear,
To me once a visit was paid
By just such a patient, I fear.."

Though Handsome came in complaining of Pnuemonia
He looked the very part
Of a person suffering from 'Hypo-Love-emia'
So pale he looked about the heart

"Handsome," I said, all tender and sweet,
"I know just what you need..
Some Vitamin Cuddles as a treat
Then to Love Therapy, we proceed."

"Long telephone calls, Day and Night
Romantic cards and flowers to buy
Dinner at my place tonight
Don't be shy no more, be a Guy"

Handsome was, to Love all hooked
So powerful was the 'Tender Kisses' balm
The world so shiny and rosy looked
Love Therapy had worked like a charm

Until one fine morning, Handsome complained
Of Emotional Overload and Lack of Space
Though at first, ignorance I feigned
Of 'Amor-toxicosis', I knew was the case

What went so wrong? I wondered,
Did the 'Warm Hugs' have to be powdered?
But in my heart I knew what had occured
Not in the medicine, but in the dosage had I blundered

"So you see, my dear," said Dr.Know-it-all
"Too much medicine can be a poison
Love Therapy did once take a fall
Mind now! Remember this lesson."

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