Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Did I arrive to leave or am I leaving to arrive?
Is it only change that I can find in my archive?
What lies ahead remains a deep, dark secret
But with you by my side, beloved, I know I shall survive. . .

Our juniors bid farewell to us by throwing a party yesterday. It wasn't an emotional affair for me.. In fact, I'm glad to be coming to the close of this chapter in my life. The only good thing that happend to me while I was doing my M. Sc. was meeting my beloved. Excepting that, when I look back all I can see is myself just going with the flow.. Letting the current take me along.. when I could have done so much more, been someone else.. I let two years of my life slip through my fingers, without ever noticing it.. I shall never forgive myself for that..
But the advantage of being an Arien? I'm still able to say, 'Tommorow is another day'.. I have a lot planned for 'tommorow'.. I hope I shall be able to make all of it happen..

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