Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Suite life

I began falling in love with hotels and restaurants when Discovery Travel and Living channel began to be broadcast in India. I owe so much to that channel.. I've been all over the world and then some because of my beloved T&L. My favorite show of all time has to be Great Hotels with Samantha Brown. I loved that show not just because I would get to see all those exotic places, luxurious hotels and the decadent food but also because of Samantha's sheer excitement and enthusiasm when she took us to a new destination. Her child- like delight at any novelty in a hotel was so infectious.. A particularly fluffy bed, an intricate motif on the wallpaper, some rare detailing on the ceiling, whimsy furniture, one of a kind lamps, a particularly nice pool or a private jacuzzi, a knowledgeable butler or concierge.. any of these would send her into raptures.. 

Too bad this show began to air after I'd gotten into the Science stream.. Otherwise, the hospitality business would have one more starry eyed Samantha wannabe :)
Read about Samantha's latest adventures at http://samantha-brown-blog.travelchannel.com/

Do you love travel and living channels? What are your favorite shows? Please comment and follow :)

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