Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Is the name of this tasty, crunchy snack in the colloquial language. The picture is from here and the recipe is given there too. However this post is not about about food. It's about a someone who visits us during the monsoons, someone who the kids in this region refer to as the Chakkuli because he looks like one, someone who is big, clay colored and said to have a thousand legs.. It's this guy..

The giant millipede

He was taking a stroll through my garden this morning and when I touched him, he curled up into this perfectly symmetrical spiral.. Isn't he beautiful?

The very first Zoology class of my B.Sc course, my Zoology Sir entered with an earthworm in his hands and asked us if anybody would like to touch it. I was the only one who actually took it in my hand. The reason Sir gave for this little exercise was that being Zoology students, we shouldn't be squeamish about handling creepy crawlies. I'm glad I passed his little test.

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