Thursday, July 1, 2010

Second article

A first and a second in the same day.. Either I don't blog for weeks at a time or do two posts at once.. Am I an Arien or what? :D Anyway, I submitted my second article for publication an hour ago and feel totally great about it. I badly want it to get accepted and soon. This article has been three years in the making.. Not the actual article of course, but the whole process that led up to it. I began working on this project during that fateful month of October 2007 and though the project was completed just six months later, in March 2008, work on the first article took time and it was finally published only in April 2009, nearly one year later. And almost one year after that, I sit here, talking about the submission of the second article. Time is slipping from my hands and I have nothing to show for it yet. The only possessions that are truly my own are my certificates- my degrees and those of various competitions I have won and my only treasures are my beloved and his love for me..

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