Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thwarted Quest

'How I met your mother' is one of my beloved's and my favorite shows.. Although our and almost everyone's favorite character is Barney, I do identify a lot with Ted.. Like Ted, I too am the hopeless romantic, the eternally optimistic one, the one who always believed she would have a great love story, a love story fit to be a Mills and Boons novel at the very least, if not Wuthering Heights..

And I'm lucky to have lived and to be living this fantasy of mine.. I didn't have to settle for Mills and Boons; I have my very own Heathcliff.. But before I found the man of dreams, I had to experience many false starts, shed so many tears, heave so many sighs (I now realize that all this would make a good novel too.. just not a romantic one) dream countless dreams about the knight in shining armor who never came.. until he did.. These poems are from that time in my life when I was waiting for the one..

I lie awake at the midnight hour when all the world sleeps
The hour at which the darkness of the night is most deep
Yet, the darkness pales in comparison to the one in my heart
My soul craves for a new dawn, a fresh, new start...
The face of my beloved taunts me
It makes me want to tear out my heart
Because he knows I love him so
And I know he loves me not...

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