Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pimple yahan.. Dimple?

I never had acne problems as a teenager unlike my siblings. I used to be so grateful to that miracle of genetic lottery that gave me the kind of skin that would hardly erupt except for maybe a lone pimple during that time of the month. Little did I know that my euphoria would be short lived.. In the recent months, with a change in my sleeping patterns (staying up till 4 in the morning and waking up at 12 noon) and with all the stress that I am experiencing, my skin has begun to rebel. I have had clusters of pimples break out on my cheeks and forehead.

Though the most popular and for many years, the only acne cream available in India was Clearasil, I used to avoid using it since the one and only time I tried it in my teenage, it lead to the drying and peeling of the skin in the area of my face where I'd applied it. I don't know if Clearasil has since refined their formula and I haven't dared to try and find out.

So, what next? I had a wicked, huge pimple coming up on my cheek and I didn't know who or what to turn to, to make it go away. Enter- Himalaya Acne-n-Pimple Cream.

It really works!!! :)

Himalaya is one of my favorite and most trusted brands. Almost every beauty care product that I use is a Himalaya but more on that later. Coming back to the pimple cream, not only did this cream get rid of the pimple in two days, it also did not harm my skin. More good things about the cream?
  • The smell is really great which is an important factor when you have to leave the cream on for a whole day or night. It doesn't have that strong, medicinal smell that other acne creams have.
  • A very little goes a long way. Just a smidgen was enough to cover a sizeable portion of my cheek.
  • It spreads beautifully and is not too sticky. So, you could apply the cream and dust some powder on during the day and no one has to know ;)
  • It is available in a cute and handy 20g pack which easily fits in your handbag.
  • The cost is just Rs.45 which considering bullet no.2 is very reasonable.
  • And best of all, the very reason I love Himalaya- It's herbal.. Made from natural ingredients.. "Completely safe. No side effects." (To quote Himalaya)

The only drawback that I noticed was that it tended to make my skin more oily. However, the oiliness subsided when the cream was not applied for a couple of days. So, although Himalaya advises me to 'apply over affected area twice daily', I think I'm gonna apply it just once a day and if the acne is not too severe, maybe just every other day. 

This review is only my personal opinion of the product and does not represent an expert opinion. I have not been paid to review this product by any individual or organization.

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