Sunday, July 25, 2010

Suite life III

I had a wonderful dream the night before last. I don't know if I had this dream since I have been thinking and blogging about hotels or because I am psyched about an upcoming trip.. Whatever the reason, I dreamt that my parents and I had been invited to the opening of a new bar in an existing hotel, which was rather unusual since I don't drink and my parents would kill me if I did. Anyway, I was dressed in a rather cool party dress and once we arrived at the hotel, I was on my own. My parents somehow went MIA after that.

I began to wander in the hotel in search of the bar. Along the way, I passed some rooms which were very much unlike hotel rooms. In fact they looked like students' rooms in hostels. They had comfy beds and study tables in them. Above the study tables were book racks filled with the most amazing books, mostly teen fiction like Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys etc.

After passing the rooms, I found myself in some passageways which were lined from floor to ceiling with books. It was truly my 'dream' hotel ;) Then I felt that the bar was nearby. Beyond the passages was a tiny hall in which some employees of the hotel were sorting books. I asked them the way to the bar and they said it was just a little way ahead.

When I reached the bar, I found that it was an 'all male, no females allowed' kind of a bar. The decor was all dark wood and leather, dim lights and lots of tiny tables scattered around. The bar seemed to be open already since there were lot of people in it but I don't what I did in there or beyond that because that was where my dream came to an end. 

Slightly weird dream but not too unusual. I tried find an interpretation of this dream. According to two different websites that are devoted to dream interpretation, dreaming of hotels and bars signifies the need to escape from daily routine and stress. To see books apparently indicates calmness and moving towards goals at a slow and steady pace but to see a book shelf represents various levels of the mind where ideas, concepts and memories are kept. It also suggests the need to acquire some information or knowledge in a situation before making a decision.

I take these to mean that I want to escape from the rut my life has fallen into right now. I truly can't wait to get a job or get into a doctoral program and move away from home. Also, I need to collect more information regrading the courses I am planning to apply to whereas I am already moving closer to my goals through the programs I have already applied to. Come to think of it, that was not such a bad dream to have :)

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