Monday, July 12, 2010

I wish.. Part 3.. Sweet no more?

I never was dudes and dudettes.. Probably the reason why I crave these cool sunglasses by Fastrack..

There's a sale on these right now.. 20% off on all sunglasses and watches. (Unless you live under a rock, you must've known about this.. Can't miss those huge billboards that scream F*****ck 20% off) Every time I see one of those billboards, this dialogue ensues..

Heart: Ooh.. Look, Fastrack. I want those shades I checked out the other day...
Brain: No heart, we are not employed yet.. Surely we can find something more useful to buy..
H: But they are so cool and chic..
B: Look away H.. NOW!!
H: But they are so cool.. :(
B: Besides, it's the rainy season. Whatever do you want sunglasses for?
H: *whispers* sale lasts only till the 18th of July..
B: .........

It looks to me like H is gonna win.. What do you say? ;)
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