Saturday, July 24, 2010

I wish.. Part 5

I visited the Reebok exclusive store here in Manipal today to grab me this cute, girly 'Sing it loud' tee from the Indian Idol collection. Unfortunately they didn't have it in stock just yet but the guy at the counter promised they will be in stock first week in August onwards. So, any Manipalites visiting this blog.. Now you know when you can get your Indian Idol tees..

I loved the tee for the girly color and the fun graphic.. Every wannabe singer would love to have this tee but I was a little disappointed that there isn't a more rock chic(k) kind of option for girls in the collection. The only other tee for girls is one with a white background and a saxophone graphic in pink on it ('Play the best' tee). Girls like me who like to flaunt their tomboyishness sometimes would've appreciated something in black with maybe some rock inspired graphics on it..

Guys have a (relatively) wider selection but in terms of graphics only.. There is the 'Music' tee for the sensitive guy, the 'Rock Star' tee which looks like it would appeal to rappers, the 'Rock' tee for fans of Rock and the 'RBK singer' tee for every-kind-of-music-lover guy.. The basic colors for guys in the collection are limited however.. Blue and white with just one tee having a hint of red on it.. 

All considered it is a pretty good collection though.. There are some cool graphics and themes going on there and the price is pretty great too.. With a 30% discount thrown on top of that, the collection is too good to miss..

Check out the complete collection here.

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