Thursday, July 8, 2010

Child actress that never was..

I have recently become a follower of and have been reading all of her past posts. Her style of writing is very appealing.. Simple and down to earth. Though I grew up as a part of a different generation than the one she describes, I love reading her posts.

Anyway, while reading about her unfulfilled ambitions of becoming a child star, I remembered something that I don't really think about a lot. But when I do think, I often think about what might have been.. This incident apparently happened when I was two and a half years old. My mom had taken me out that day, all dolled up and this Assistant Director in the Kannada film industry approached her saying how he thought I could become the next child star. My mom like all moms, being protective of me and thinking about the seamy side of show business, refused. The guy pleaded with her to let him take at least a few test shots of me but to no avail.

My chubby two year old self..

Surprisingly, this experience was not the first of it's kind for my mom. Apparently my sis was also spotted by a talent hound for movies around the same age in Delhi. My mom had refused that time too.

Sometimes I wonder what would have been if my mom had been one of those countless moms who are dazzled by the limelight and the glamor of being the mom of a child actress. My sis would have been a child actress in the Hindi film industry and I, in the Kannada film industry. Maybe we would have continued to act as adults. Heck, I could've been famous; instead I am an unknown wannabe scientist and teacher.. But such is life..

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