Monday, July 5, 2010


Isn't that a lovely name for a restaurant? I attended the opening of this restaurant and that of a residency, Ayaan comforts today. The decor was truly vibrant and cheerful and the lighting was of the kind I usually prefer in restaurants- not too glaring and harsh on the eyes. There were some truly pretty curtains too. Near the entrance was a feature that I liked very much.. A wall hung with some very pretty and cheerful prints. Unfortunately, we couldn't taste the food since the opening was scheduled for evening and the menu was more suitable to lunch and dinner. I'm hoping we'll be going there to try the food soon. Meanwhile here are a couple of pictures of the restaurant.

The feature near the entrance

I liked the rooms a lot too.. So much in fact that I was busy admiring them and forgot to take any pictures. Unlike conventional hotel rooms, they have been divided into a sitting room and a bed room with the toilet in between. The sitting rooms have a nice, comfy couch and a wall mounted, flat screen TV in them. The bed rooms have a huge, comfortable looking bed and a mirror.

There were a few drawbacks though. One of them was that the bathroom, though possessing all the requisites like a shower, western style WC etc. was really tiny. Secondly, there didn't seem to be a dressing stool or any place like a cupboard or a rack to keep the luggage. It's possible that they are yet to receive some of the furniture that they might have ordered. I'm hoping that this is the case but since this hotel is right here, in my town and I am unlikely to ever stay there, I'm not too bothered with that ;)

This review is only my personal opinion of the place and does not represent an expert opinion. I have not been paid to review this place by any individual or organization.

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