Monday, August 2, 2010


.. with games on Facebook.. I don't mean games like Farmville, Aquarium etc that expect you to form some sort of community and lead this whole other virtual life where your sole purpose in 'life' is to maintain your crops, keep your fish alive or run a cafe or whatever.. No, I am actually a sucker for quizzes that test your IQ or general knowledge.. Or any game that tests your aptitude and verbal skills.. Do I hear whispers of intellectual snob? Probably.. but I don't plaster my success stories on my wall and gloat about them.. I play solely for personal satisfaction..

There are four games that I am playing (and winning at) these days. They are-

1. Brain Buddies

I love this game.. absolutely adore it.. When a games promises to test me on Memory, Logic, Calculation and Visuals, how can I resist? Although I don't boast on my wall on Facebook, I have no inhibitions about doing so here.. I am currently smarter than 99.1% of all the players of this game in the world.. Woo hoo :)

2. Scramble
A 4X4 or 5X5 grid of letters from which you try to form as many words as possible. My favorite part of this game is that you can enter chat rooms and play against other Scramble enthusiasts. My score is currently the highest among my friends but while playing in the chat room, the best I do is third position.. I've got to work some more on that (Fun!! :))

3. PathWords
A honeycomb of letters that you tread like a path to form words. This one gets a little boring after a while and the longest words that you can make (on rare occasions) are five letter ones but it's fun to watch the completed word disappear and new letters fall in place.

4. Word Twist
This is a classic word game where you need to make as many words as possible out of the letters of a bigger scrambled word.. bonus points for finding the largest word. I discovered this one only today and am still getting the hang of it.

Do these games make me smarter or quicker with words? That's hard to say but it sure beats trying to find stray cattle ;)


  1. I stink at WordTwist, but I love Lexulous (a.k.a. Scrabble on Facebook) and Family Feud. I had to stop playing Feud, because it was cutting into my blogging time and what not.

  2. I'm not very good at word twist right now either.. I tried family feud just now.. It's fun but I'm not too good at that either :(