Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Music and Science..

I have observed that there seems to be a connection between music and science.. A lot of the Profs at the Uni where I did my M.Sc. enjoyed music and were extremely good singers. Our HOD had an extensive collection of  old Hindi film songs from which he would play selected songs at the end of his lectures.. 

I have recently begun reading blogs of people involved in research and it surprised me to notice that once again, many of these researchers seem to have some sort of affinity to music. I am also someone who has a love of both music and science. I wonder.. Does having an aptitude for science and research give us a better appreciation of music?


  1. At least in my opinion, I've always worked better with a bit of background music. It helps to keep my mind stimulated and active! However, I can't listen to anything like radio podcasts, because then I focus too much on that. It has to be something with a tune / melody.

  2. If it's mental work, I can't listen to music either.. I tend to either phase it out, in which case it's of no use to have it playing or pay too much attention to it and then, no work gets done.
    I enjoy having music in the background when I'm doing physical work though..