Tuesday, August 24, 2010

4 Impressions

A long commute, uphill all the way through many a twist and turn and hairpin bends brought us via Dehradun to Mussorie- Hill Queen- the honeymooner's paradise. The first thing we saw here, on our way to the iconic Mall Road was the band stand which led me to imagine Mussorie as it must have been during the times of the British rule. Smartly turned out British officers with their elegant ladies must have enjoyed the ragtime  tunes of yore and danced those long hours of the evening away..

Shaking myself from this reverie, as I entered the Mall Road, more reminders of the British era greeted me. Wrought iron railings and beautiful lamp posts reminiscent of a people who wanted to see aesthetic elegance in every object  around them, even something as inconsequential as a lamp post.

Walking through the Mall Road, through swirling mists, enchanting as it was, reminded me powerfully of my beloved.. The trip up the rope way to Gun Hill, even more so. Mussorie is not called the honeymooner's paradise for nothing. The breathtaking mountain views- now astonishingly clear, now hidden by veils of clouds, the swirling mist, the chill in the air- everything is meant to be enjoyed by two- or so it seems to people in love..

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