Saturday, August 28, 2010

8 Impressions

I was woken up at the crack of dawn since we had nearly a hundred kilometers to travel in order to reach our next destination- Gangotri, the source of river Ganga. Barely has we covered thirty kilometers when another obstacle barred our paths. A huge section of the road had collapsed but unlike the day before yesterday, the way around it was a one mile trek through the surrounding forests and then a transfer to another vehicle for the rest of the seventy kilometers. There was no way to know how comfortable that other vehicle would be or how many people would be crammed into it. So, we dropped the plan for the day and turned back.

After a while, my bro decided to take his kids for a walk.. all the way down to the Bhagirathi river, which was now noisily flowing parallel to the road. The walk was fun but we couldn't approach the river because the path we took had huge boulders barring it that the kids wouldn't be able to cross. They had fun using a hand pump for the first time on the way back though.

It being Monday, the day of Lord Shiva, we decided to pay another visit to Lord Vishwanath in the evening and go see the Kedareshwar Ghat, a ghat near the Kedarnath temple. The Bhagirathi is a fearsome and awe inspiring sight there at this time of the year. The turbulent waves and mighty splashes of the river against the ghat had an almost hypnotic quality. We stood mesmerized by the sight of the mighty river till it was time to return.

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