Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nailed it..

What does someone with a fractured right thumb and plenty of time on her hands do in the sleepy, monsoon afternoons? She paints her nails with two different colors.. Sea foam green and Sky blue to be exact.. :D

I love to paint my nails with really unusual colors and during the monsoons, I love to paint them with bright and cheerful colors that pop.

Here are some of my favorites from Lakme's True Wear nail colors-

N231 from the Pinks.

N236 from the Mauves.

527 from Gold in the Metallics Bridal Sutra Winter 2008 collection.

040 from Nudes in the Metallics Bridal Sutra Winter 2008 collection.

and 041 from Blue in the Cremes Glamor Winter 2009 collection.

Although Lakme has a decent collection of nail colors, I think it would be nice if they would introduce more fun and fresh colors like maybe more pinks, greens and oranges in more fun and vibrant shades.. The kind of shades the college going crowd would love.. Just a thought..

You can find the entire collection here.

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