Monday, September 6, 2010

I wish.. Part 9

The new VW Beetle

I've always loved this adorable and tiny 'people's car'. I was so delighted when VW launched the new Beetle in India in December 2009 but the price tag quickly dampened my enthusiasm.. Rs. 21 lakhs for the 'people's car'? That is outrageous. The Beetle was developed as an economy car, ein Auto für Jedermann but VW's price tag has turned it into a mockery of that term.

Oh, and the colors.. The Beetle in India is available in Salsa Red, Black, Candy White, Sunflower, Reflex Silver and Laser Blue.. How completely boring (except for maybe Sunflower- featured above). If I could ever have one, I would want it in lime green :) Ah, wünschen..

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