Sunday, September 5, 2010

I wanna see..

My thumb has been encased in a cast made of plaster of Paris for nearly twenty days now and being the sort of nosy and impatient inquisitive person that I am, I am longing to see what exactly is going on under that plaster. What is my wound looking like now? Has it begun to heal? Or will it begin to properly heal only after the cast is removed? Is the scar tissue forming already? Is it bad? What about the stitches; what do they look like now? WHAT DOES MY THUMB LOOK LIKE? (pant, pant)

There is a simple solution to this. My anxiety would be easily alleviated if only I had.. wait for it.. A transparent cast!! Why has no one thought of that before? Are there no other people out there who would wanna see the parts of their body healing without getting spooked by any ugly wounds that might lie underneath? I think having transparent casts would truly contribute to the healing process because the patient wouldn't be so anxious. They would have to be optional of course considering that there might be people who've sustained truly gruesome injuries or people who are just not that curious, for whatever reason..

So, what material would this transparent cast be made of? The material that is used right now for regular casts, Plaster of Paris (calcium sulphate hemihydrate) is nothing but powdered gypsum. Now, there is another form of gypsum, known as Selenite which is transparent (Hooray!!). Selenite (calcium sulphate dihydrate) is the crystalline form of gypsum and looks something like this-

Selenite is flexible, can be easily cut, will peel and can be scratched with a fingernail, like all gypsum varieties. So, all of these properties wouldn't hinder the use of Selenite for making casts but there might be other factors that do. For example, I do not know whether Selenite can be easily and quickly set into a desired shape like plaster of Paris. I also do not know whether it is heavier than PoP or how much it costs. Hmm.. I wonder if there is any other material that is transparent, sets easily into moulds and is not too heavy out there..


  1. I'm totally in favor of transparent casts! While I'm not huge into gore or anything, I think it would be neat to see your appendage heal day by day. Sign me up for your new invention.

  2. Sure thing Steve.. Maybe I should patent it ;D