Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh sweet love, thou winter's blossom white..
You keep me awake through the long winter's night
You are not a flame, as much as a glow
Though Spring is now long past, you continue to grow..

Dedicated to Acidcat

As long as people are falling in love, all is right with the world.. Nothing else on Earth can give you that special glow, that feeling of warmth, the reassurance that someone here on Earth will always think about you, care for you, look out for you and miss you when you are away. And certainly only another person who is in love can truly understand what you feel. In my case, I haven't found many who did. I've had a lot of people feel jealous of me of course and if I were the sort of person who revels in that, I would be happy. But I only want people to feel happy for me and wish good things for us.
Today, I'm very happy for you, my friend. I wish joy, more love, laughter and happiness to all the people in the world who are in love.. :)


  1. Thank you so much Ash! That is just amazing and sweet and rounds off what has been an absolutely incredible weekend!

    I'm totally overwhelmed with emotion. Thank you. I'm terrified but also thrilled - it's been quite a while.

    Thank you so much again. I hope that love always treats you as fantastically as you undoubtedly deserve.

    Thanks and love to you.

    P.S. If you wrote the poetry on your posts, you can add one more person to the list of people who are jealous of your talents. :)

  2. Thank you so much for your wishes Acidcat. Its great to know you like my poetry :)And don't worry.. everything will go just fine.. I sincerely believe that good things happen to good people :)