Sunday, March 22, 2009

My heart has long been familiar
But my eyes do long to see
Beloved, I know you are out there
When will you come find me?

And he did come find me, my beloved, my soulmate. When we began liking each other, we had been classmates for almost a year and yet, hadn't noticed each other until then (well, it was a huge class of a 112) Strange that we began to mutually get attracted to each other at the exact same time. Fate? Destiny? Whatever it was, it was however a clear case of opposites attracting. He is the quiet, shy, gentle type whereas I am loud, bold and aggressive. But somehow we connected to each other at some levels. We think alike a lot of times and have similar opinions of people and issues. We differ when it comes to the way we execute our ideas though and if we are working together, that does tend to cause a few tiffs. But hey, wouldn't life get a little too dull without a few bumps on the way?
My beloved has been away for a few days and won't be with me on my b'day. I miss him.. disagreements and all..

Away from my beloved..
So far away is he.. I am
Like a river that sprang forth from the mountains
But got lost in the desert,
Never to join the Sea..


  1. Happy birthday to you!

    Let your current feelings of distance help you both realise what you mean to each other, because when you find something special you really need to hang onto it and realise how lucky you are. And be even more appreciative of each other when you are both happily re-united.

    Best of luck and love to you both

  2. Dear Acidcat,
    Thank you so much for your wishes and those lovely words of advice. My beloved will be back at midnight and hopefully, I can meet him tomorrow. I'm so excited :)

  3. Rightly so! I'm hoping you won't read this comment for a while as you're drinking up each others company, and realising how lucky you both are! Enjoy yourselves and be happy!