Saturday, March 7, 2009

When the body is too weak to care,
The spirit shall soldier on..
When the mind is too feeble to dare,
The spirit shall soldier on..
When the heart is in despair,
The spirit shall soldier on..

Being an Arien, my motto in life is, Tomorrow is another day.. Which simply means that no matter how bad the world looks today, it is sure to look better tomorrow. Don't get me wrong and believe that I look at the world with rose colored glasses.. In fact, I am the pessimist's worst nightmare but with me, the doomsday mood never lasts.. One good cry and I'll be up on my feet again.
This is the reason why, even though I had a terrible row with two of my classmates today (I apologized though.. Ariens are always the first ones to..) and even though my Sunday is going to be as bad or even worse than the last four, (four hectic weeks plus no fun Sundays are enough to drive even me over the bend) I'm still pretty ok..