Monday, March 9, 2009

What I am inside, I shall never be outside;
The inside is seen by none,
the outside is seen by all.

I am proud to be an Arien and given another life, another chance, I would most definitely choose to be one again. I sincerely believe that Ariens are among the few genuinely happy-go-lucky people in the world. They are always right there, up front, on top of things, in the middle of the melee, leading the march.. They are loud, opinionated, loud, aggressive, enthusiastic, loud, big on ideas but a little short on the follow through and did i mention loud? All in all, love them or hate them, you certainly cannot ignore them, simply because they refuse to be ignored.
I owe the awareness of my Arienness to the one person I truly admire, save my mom.. And that's Linda Goodman. It is only because of her that I know who I am and why I am the way I am. I wish I knew how she gained that amazing insight into people and their characters. Long live Linda Goodman in the minds and hearts of her fans..

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