Sunday, March 15, 2009

Music divine,
breathing life into my soul..
soothing me,
making me whole..

I attribute being of a musical bent of mind to my parents. Both of them have pretty good voices. My dad has always had a huge collection of record plates or audio cassettes or cds (depending on the era) of music of various genres. And mom loves to belt out a song at any time of the day in her beautiful, strong voice. I believe that if she'd trained her voice she might even have been a professional.
As for me, I love music; I live music. I dance to the fast numbers, become thoughtful with the pensive ones, my heart soars with the happy songs and drops with the sad ones. But above all, music is a solace. It is like slipping on a comfy pair of shoes, like coming home. When I'm bruised, physically and mentally, music is the balm..

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