Saturday, April 4, 2009

Is killing me..
Boy, I'm gonna die..
A victim of the 'chemistry of life'..

Had my sessional exam today and after reading the lines above, do I even have to tell you that it was horrible.. The people who set the paper seemed to have vowed vengeance against us, for whatever reason.. Anyway, its over and done with now.. Though the fact that I haven't done too well is not letting me relax now..
I'm so much more distracted when I'm studying now than I ever used to be.. I have been with my beloved for over a year now and I'm still as crazy about him as I used to be.. Which is a good thing, except when it distracts me while studying.. But I can't help it.. I'm like a moth to the flame.. And the fact that he was going home today didn't help either.. I spent most of the time I was supposed to be studying in, moping and crying.. He's gonna be away for another week :( Its like God is testing my patience.. To see if this impatient Arien can wait for her love, her life.. I'll show you God.. I'll wait for him as long as it takes.. I'll have to get used to it anyway.. When the course ends, we'll have to stay apart for atleast 6 months if not longer.. All this experience will come in handy then..
Besides, both of us have to really tighten our shoelaces now.. The finals are approaching and if we wanna stay together, we need to work really, really hard.. I hope we make it..

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