Sunday, April 12, 2009

If only, that elusive Happiness we could capture,
A special touch, a glance, that rapture..
And then bottle it up, a spirit so fine..
Ephemeral as perfume, as heady as wine..

So that, when the light no longer shines,
That dusty little bottle will still be mine..
That dusty little bottle will still be mine..

My beloved came back today.. It felt so good to gaze at him to my fill, to be with him, to chatter to him and laugh together.. I missed you so much, my beloved.. I wrote the poem above to let you know, I wish those moments we spent together would last forever.. Wish we were not so busy, wish our 'to do list' was not so long, wish we didn't have the pressures of thinking what will happen in the not so distant future, wish the time would stand still for just you and me.. I wish..

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