Sunday, January 9, 2011

I smell betrayal..

I was recently betrayed by someone who I thought was my friend. In fact, we were best friends for about four years before we drifted apart. In spite of not being as close as we once were, I had trusted her and let her know some confidential information which she passed on to the very people I did not want it passed on to. When I realized what she had done, I was shocked that she could do this to me. Shock slowly gave way to sadness, that she hadn't respected the sanctity of our friendship, that she hadn't valued it as much as I did and that I wouldn't be able to consider her a friend anymore. Then, I grew bitter and stayed bitter for two days.. I plotted revenge in my head.. I wanted to get back at her and get back good.. I wanted to hurt her as much as she had hurt me but I was helpless.. I could never put all those revengeful plans into action because my every action is governed by one simple belief- 'God is watching.' God is watching and he will show her the error of her ways when He thinks the time is right and if I try to get back at her, He will not forgive me either.. So, I couldn't do anything to make myself feel better and I was still very much bitter.. Bitter thoughts ran around in circles in my head.. 'How could she do this? How could she do this to me? Oh, how I wish I could do this to her or that?'.. over and over again, until I realized.. I was hurting no one but myself by thinking these thoughts.. They were ruining my peace and my sleep.. So today, I decided to forget if not forgive.. I shall sleep in peace tonight..

To make up for this depressing post, let me leave you with this old joke from the Reader's Digest..
At the head of a long buffet table at a college mess, was a plate with pieces of cake on it and a sign beside it which read, 'Take only one. God is watching.' At the other end was a bowl of apples beside which a student had placed a sign that read, 'Take as many as you want. God is watching the cakes.'

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