Friday, January 14, 2011

Haul: Jan 14th 2011

I'd bought a few simple tees/ blouses for everyday lab wear (although now I'm not sure if I'm gonna get to wear them in a lab anytime soon). Working in a Biochemistry lab is messy and sweaty work. While working with flames and chemicals, it is a good idea to wear simple, cotton clothes that are safe as well as comfortable. 

The first one.. In Pink because I've been in love with pink ever since I watched Legally Blonde. Just a simple tee with some detailing at the neck, making it asymmetrical. Rs. 199

This tee, which looks bright blue is actually a bluish green color but my cellphone cam has decided it likes this color better. ;) This one has a square neck and some pleat detailing below the neck. Rs. 249

This one is salmon, not orange as it appears (that cellphone cam again..) with a simple, square neck. Rs. 159

And finally, my favorite among the lot.. This one in royal purple with lovely, crochet detailing at the neck (not very clear in the pic) and tapered at the bottom. Rs. 269

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