Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Haul: Jan 4th 2011

Jayalakshmi Silks, Udyavar has done it again.. While when I go to any other shop in Udupi, I take a long time to pick out my clothes because I'm wondering which among the clothes they show me is the least ugly one, at Jayalakshmi I take longer because I'm wondering why I can't buy more clothes than my self imposed budget will allow.. Today was one such day and I bought four lovely tops.. I would've bought more but wasn't sure about the kind of clothes students at my new university wear.. So, I see more shopping in the US in my future.. Yay!! but now to show you the stuff I bought today..

This little number is in Royal Purple, a color that I don't often buy.. I don't know why.. I must in the future because it looks good on me.. This is not something that I can wear everyday but I looked so chic when I put it on that I had to buy it.. And, I adore that little, white rose on the chest :) Rs.315

This one didn't look all that special on the hanger.. in fact, it looked a little gaudy.. But when I tried it on, I looked so sleek and professional that.. yeah, I bought it :) Rs.490

This one is again something that I can't wear everyday I think but I loved the whole Chinese look of this kurthi.. The high collar, the button knots, the wide sleeves and the pattern on the collar and cuffs.. Rs.595

And finally, my favorite.. This top is just so elegant and comfortable when on.. And the beautiful, muted pattern on the bodice and lining the edge appealed to me a lot.. Rs. 590

Jayalakshmi has hiked its prices a little bit.. A year ago, these tops would have cost around 200 bucks or 300 at the most but as long as they continue to stock unique pieces like these, my business goes to them..

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