Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Teacher, teacher..

Teaching was never one of my ambitions back in school. I wanted to be a doctor and later in college, an archeologist or a marine biologist. Teaching was sort of the reserve, 'if-all-else-fails' option but then in college, we had to take seminars for our fellow students and I began to participate in a lot of inter- college seminar competitions as well. And somehow, I began to enjoy teaching. I don't know if it was because I used to win those competitions or because I have this loud voice that can silence people when I begin to talk or because I have a gift of being able to hold people's attention while taking class. What I know for sure is, when I teach, I'm completely involved with the subject I'm teaching. I need to know and make sure that the people who are listening are grasping and understanding 100% of what I'm telling them. And I also enjoy that feeling of pleasurable exhaustion mixed with satisfaction that I feel at the end of a class.
The reason why I'm rambling on about my love for teaching is that I had my first class as an online tutor yesterday. I hadn't been particularly enthusiastic about this job due to various reasons but yesterday, I found that my new job is truly enjoyable. I helped this kid with her exam paper and the feelings of elation and satisfaction I had of being able to help that kid were indescribable. I thought I'd never say this but I love my new job and I'm looking forward to the next session :)