Monday, February 8, 2010

The Good Boy..

So, my beloved had his practical exam today and among the possible combo of experiments that may be assigned, he got an easy one. He manged to breeze through all of them and could've gotten out of the lab early. But does he? No, he stays to help those less fortunate.. How sweet and thoughtful of him you may say.. but I won't 'cos the person he helped so doesn't deserve to be helped.. This person made my beloved's and my life hell in college and he is the most selfish, self- centered, irresponsible *@#**@# I have ever seen and yet my beloved helped him out. When I asked him, why on earth would he do that, he replied, 'I can't see another person in trouble and not do anything about it.'
That was so endearing and yet so maddening.. No wonder I adore that good boy of mine :D

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