Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Can I take these along?

The prospect of having to leave the place I've stayed in for the past 22 years and possibly not being able to come back for another 4 years is making a lot go on inside my head.. The sadness of having to stay away from my parents for the first time ever and of not being able to see my sis, my nephew and niece, my favorite cousin, my whole extended, crazy, idiotic family for another four years is killing me and that is quite natural.. What I did not expect to feel however, was this sadness at not being able to visit all the tiny places, the restaurants, the shops in my little corner of the world that make me feel that this is truly home..

In Udupi,
the chaat stall in Big Bazaar which serves up the best chaat in Udupi, as I found out very recently..
the place on Court road where I get photocopies made and print outs taken when my printer acts up, which is often, I must add..
the tiny place near the City bus stand where I get credit for my phone.. Quick and efficient service is their motto..
the photo studio in front of Sanskrit College where I've had all my 'important' photos taken.. my graduation photos, my passport photos..
the internet centre within the Super Bazaar where I go when I need scans or went when I didn't have internet..
the two bus stands, City and Express.. since I always rely on public transport to get around as it's greener and safer..
the Jayalakshmi Cloth Store, Udyavar.. though it's technically not in Udupi.. for the latest fashions at affordable prices.. I even have a post up about it..

In Manipal,
the shop near the bus stand where I get credit for my phone.. good for warm smiles and a quick chat in my mother tongue..
so many eateries that I'm gonna miss but if I had to choose one, it would have to be Snack Shack.. the best 'Potato Lovers' in the world and a great view..
the second hand book shop near Hangyo CTF, pricey but great second hand, almost new looking books..
riding on the pillion of a bike down Alevoor Road.. Ahh.. the sweet smell of pure freedom..

In Mangalore,
my favorite place for formal dining, the Royal Durbar.. the best Biryanis I've ever eaten..
movies at Adlabs and pizza at the Pizza Hut.. Bharat Mall..
dessert? pastries at Crumbz.. and ice cream at Pabba's..
Athri book store.. a tiny place crammed full of great books..

These places may not seem that special to some who's stayed in big cities or been abroad but these are the pieces that made up my life so far and I'll be sure to treasure them no matter what adventures I have..

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