Monday, January 11, 2010

Too many options..

I know that having too many options is never a bad thing and for someone who is unemployed right now, that's a truly idiotic thing to say but I applied to some of these jobs months ago and they are just not telling me anything.. I mean come on.. If I didn't get it, just tell me I didn't.. I can't take the waiting.. It's driving me nuts.. If my beloved reads this, he'll chide me for worrying so much.. He thinks the best way to go is to just go on applying and not worry about the results (Very Bhagwad Gita.. My very own Lord Krishna.. Just wish I could be his Arjuna though.. :)) but I don't know.. I just can't do that no matter how badly I want to.. Right now, I'm waiting to know about these positions..

1. Senior Research Fellow at JNU
Applied to this one way back in November..
2. Junior Research Fellow at MLSC
Appeared for the interview on the 12th of December..
3. Tutor at KMC
Interview on 14th of January.. Keeping my fingers crossed..
4. Lecturer in a Medical College at Chennai
Spoke to them over the phone.. Need to go over in person to make the job mine..
5. Online tutoring at TutorVista
Interview on 25th of January..

I know I'm lucky to have so many options open.. But they are still options and I need to know for sure..

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