Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy? New Year..

Well, 2009 hasn't been too great for me.. Sure, I did manage to complete my horribly boring postgraduate course but then, someone I love didn't.. I managed to score marks that I'll sigh over for the rest of my life (just 1.4% short of 70.. why God?).. I haven't managed to find a job in 4 whole months.. and things are moving really slow on the PhD abroad front.. So, the bottom line is I'm beginning to feel, 'Surely, the only way for things to go from here is up..' unless.. No, I'm not gonna think about all the horrible things that could still happen..
For this year, I'm gonna make a little wish list.. and hope that I can come back in a year's time and strike out the ones that were granted.. So, here goes.. In 2010, I want to..

1. Land a job.
2. Go abroad for a PhD.
3. Be with my beloved.

It's a small list.. With just three things on it.. I'm not being too greedy.. Yet, those three little things are so important to me.. Please God, please?


  1. Hey, well i know. im sorry. Did u see the pictures? im the stylist and only i ask like how do you think about the outfits. is my first time that i do it this job. so tell me what do you think about it :)

  2. good luck with your goals. :)

    happy new year and i hope 2010 is better.

  3. Petite fille, I'll be sure to check them out and let you know.. :)

    Thank you Viva, I need all the luck I can get.. Thanks and I hope the same :)

  4. You do have good ambitions for 2010.

    Here's hoping that we both make it.

    I have a couple of different google accounts and I'm not certain which one is active now, whether or not I will show up as Bill or Grahamn Kracker, but I will in Wasilla, Alaska.

    Nice to find your cyber home, Ash!

  5. that was supposed to read,

    "I live in Wasilla, Alaska."

  6. may 2010 bring you all you wish for and more!!!

  7. Happy new year Ash!

    Sorry to hear 2009 wasn't great for you or your beloved (I know narrowly missing out on 70% must be frustrating but I think you got a great score; well done!).

    I really hope 2010 is better for you. You've set some realistic goals which seem lovely, and really emphasise what's important in life - doing something you enjoy and being with someone you love. I really hope you get both very soon. The very best of luck with all of them!

  8. Thank you so much Acidcat.. That means a lot to me :)