Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Poems at midnight..

The best time for me to come up with poems is late at night past everyone's bedtime and definitely way past the time when I think I should be asleep if I don't wanna wake up groggy and grumpy the next day.. Last night was one such night.. I had been trying to come up with the perfect opening to my statement of purpose for the PhD applications.. Finally I decided it had to be a poem and last night, I managed to compose it.. Here goes..

Beyond the glass doors, I see
Such endless possibilities
Paths waiting to be tread
Lives waiting to be led
On my way, I hope to be
If only, I can find the key..

I admit it is a little cliched but I liked the line about lives waiting to be led.. Because I sincerely believe it.. I believe every action or thought of ours reveals infinite possibilities about the next action or thought.. And life may turn out to be completely different from what it would have been before we initiated that action or had that thought.. Even though that knowledge can be overwhelming, it is also comforting to the Arien in me.. that

I always have another chance to make things right.. To make things go my way..
Because, after all, tomorrow is another day :)

Another poem I composed yesterday is titled anger, the failing that tops my list of failings..

My heart is pounding in my head
Blood is rushing, crimson red
Eyeballs bulge, muscles tighten
Teeth clench and nostrils whiten

My anger no longer can I control
No anger management class left to enrol
No more peace, no hope of deliverance
I have crossed all limits of endurance

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