Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Convocation blues

So I'm finally and officially a postgrad but where's the excitement, the satisfaction? MIA!!
I might have been happier if I'd got good pictures of the 'much anticipated event'.. On the previous day of the event there was a row with my parents about the camera, with them accusing me of not having reminded them to get film for the camera (yes, we still own a stone age camera that needs film while everyone else I know has gone digital) and with me accusing them of having forgotten my reminder.. all of which was unnecessary coz there was plenty of time the next day to get film and I was gonna go get it myself the next day.. But parents will be parents.. they will get anxious and flustered and worried and then blame you for being the cause of it all..
What was the result of it all was that dad went off in a huff and must have got the film loaded in a big hurry at the shop and the film was not loaded properly.. So I never got any candids.. All I have are the stuffy pictures we had taken in a studio and I look absolutely horrible in them..
Things never seem to go right just when you want them to..

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