Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beginning of a pause

My beloved and I went on what might be one of our last trips to Mangalore, today.. Atleast for a while, since my beloved will have to go back home after the results are announced and may not return for a while .. Since the place we stay in is a tiny town, albeit a university town, with not even a multiplex to its claim, we like to go to Mangalore when we really wanna chill out.. Watch a movie.. have some pizza.. shop (both of us love to dig for hidden literary treasures in every book shop we can find).. or just walk hand in hand in the streets of Mangalore.. Something we cannot do back home.. In fact Mangalore was where we went for our very first date..
All the memories of that date and all the subsequent ones came flooding back to me today.. I'll miss him so badly.. I'll miss the long bus rides to Mangalore and back.. I'll miss going around Mangalore in autorickshaws with his arm around me.. I'll miss putting my arm through his while watching a movie.. I'll miss looking deep into his eyes while sitting opposite to each other at restaurants (though that embarasses him a lot).. I'll miss going to the book shops we discovered.. I'll miss the chats we would have about our dreams, ambitions and plans for the future on the bus ride back.. I'll miss you beloved, more than anything I've missed in my whole life..

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