Friday, May 7, 2010

Unconditional love

The only person in this whole, wide world who's always loved me unconditionally is my Mom. She has always been there for me- as a friend, a guide, a solace and comfort. She has never pointed out my mistakes but has always inspired me to learn from them. She has always had a warm hug for me when I was scared, tired, dejected or disappointed. Above all, she has never, ever lost her patience with me. At this, the darkest time in my life yet, she continues to believe in me, support me and listen to me go over and over my plans and my dreams.

She has always been my idol, the Superwoman who juggled a career and a family all the while tolerating my Dad's fiery temper. She is the reason why I still believe I can have it all, that I can be a scientist, a wife and a mom. Although this post goes up a few days before Mother's Day, I make sure to show my love and appreciation for her everyday because Life is such an incredibly fine, fragile, many colored fabric made of varying threads of emotions, people, places and incidents; you never know when it might slip through your fingers..

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