Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time, that beautiful jewel
A drop of water
Poised at the very tip of a leaf
Holding within it frozen
A prism of memories

Time is one thing I haven't had to spare for quite some time now and most likely, will not have for the next couple of months. Since my last post, I've been busy completing my records, preparing for a seminar and a class that I was supposed to take for students of DMLT. The seminar was very well appreciated by the lecturers, my classmates and juniors alike. I was able to experience that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction after a really long time.
But that feeling was nothing compared to what I felt when my beloved appreciated my (very limited) culinary skills :) My beloved and I spent the most glorious two days together this weekend. I wish we would never have to be apart.
Is it better to have experienced something so good, if only so fleetingly? Or is it better to not have known pleasure, so that you will not have to feel the pain?

Could I make you stay
Forever with me?
Never go beyond this day
Make it last an eternity?

Could I make that smile play
On your lips so sweetly?
And your eyes sparkle always
Just for me, Bobby?

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